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2010 Domaine Brusset Laurent B. Cotes Du Rhone

If you love Rhone wines, red wines, or just plain good wines you are in for a serious treat with this first-rate value. Comprised of Grenache (60%), Syrah (20%), Carignane (10%), and Cinsault (10%), this garrigue-scented red can be savored over a period of two days alongside your favorite savory meals.

From the winemaker – “In the bottle, this wine is a bright ruby-red.  Blackcurrant and elderberry aromas make an elegant bouquet.  On the palate, flavors of cherry and blackcurrant are concentrated and full.  The tannins are silky and the finish is rounded out with a touch of spice and pepper.”

Best served with wild game dishes like wild boar, or pheasant.


This wine was given a 89 point rating by Wine Spectator.


2010 vintage in a 750 ml – Standard Bottle is currently in stock at Byram and Hackettstown for $12.99 a bottle, $70.15 a 1/2 case with a 10% half case discount, and $124.71 a case with a 20% full case discount. SKU#27663

2010 Domaine Pere Caboche Cotes-du-Rhone

This fine estate (which dates from the mid-17th century), while known primarily for their Chateauneuf du Pape, also makes a fine Cotes du Rhone. It is made from a blend of 80% Grenache, 10% Syrah, and 10% Cinsault, and is aged in large oak barrels for several months after vinification. Domaine Pere Caboche Cotes-du Rhone is an elegantly structured mid-weight Cotes du Rhone with juicy fruit flavors.

From the Wine Maker – “Domaine Pere Caboche Cotes-du Rhone is an elegantly structured mid-weight Cotes du Rhone with juicy fruit flavors.”

Best paired with various roast dishes, Spanish stew, mushrooms and grilled meats. Blue fish, rice, short-and medium-cured cheeses.


This wine was given a 87 point rating by Wine Spectator.


2010 vintage in a 750 ml – Standard Bottle is currently in stock at Byram and Hackettstown for $11.99 a bottle, $64.75 a 1/2 case with a 10% half case discount, and $115.11 a case with a 20% full case discount. SKU#14916

2008 Domaine Grand Veneur Côtes Du Rhône

Andre’ — “The spectrum is applied to wine in many different ways. For example sweet to dry or light to full-bodied. Today I would like to use the spectrum to explore how wine and food work together. When you look at the middle of the spectrum you have a wine that accompanies food very well. Like a well made Sancerre for instance, happy to be invited to the party. If you travel to one end of the spectrum you will find a wine that doesn’t need or want a “food pairing”. Like a Big California Fruit Bomb, It’s a stand alone wine that may taste great with your porterhouse, but it doesn’t NEED it. This blockbuster Cali Cab is almost a main course all by itself. At the opposite end of the rainbow, you have that clunky little obscure Italian wine. Without the benefit of a nice plate of pasta, a touch of garlic and some sun-dried tomatoes the wine makes you sort of pucker. Think…wallflower finds the right partner and wins Dancing with the Stars.

At this point I would like to remind you, If You Like It It’s Good!

That being said the majority of wines will fall in the middle of the spectrum. However there is no right or wrong choice here. Personally, as much as I love the Big Guns. I am much more inspired, can I say “turned on by” the really perfect pairing of a well made, slightly awkward wine, with a dish that has its roots in the same region. Letting the flavors of the Wine and Food bounce around in my head and make new taste combinations with each bite.

I think the Reserve Grand Veneur Côtes Du Rhône Falls somewhere between food happy and food needy. Very fruit forward right after opening… this fades to the underlying funk of a good Rhone after a few minutes in the glass, with a touch of acidity for balance. As the weather turns colder I can absolutely picture myself enjoying a glass all by itself on a Sunday afternoon. However I think it would be a shame not to try your own experiment. Enjoy it on its own, and then try it with food.

Intimidated by food and wine pairing? Here is a simple cassoulet. Not authentic, but still good,simple and inexpensive.

In an oven proof dish, brown one large diced onion in 2-3 tablespoons of oil. Add 3 tablespoons chopped garlic and cook 2-3 minutes more. add a splash or two of red wine, 1 can of Muir Glenn Organic Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes, 1 small can Goya White Beans, and one cup of chicken stock. Some thyme and bay leaf. Simmer for 10-15 minutes, adjust the seasoning. Stir in some spicy sausage cut in thick slices, 6 pieces of Duck Leg Confit. (I believe you can find these at the Butcher Counter in Shop Rite) Top the whole thing with a thick layer of bread crumbs and put in a 300 degree oven for  1 1/2 -2 hours. It should be deep golden brown with a thick bubbling crust. Start with a simple salad, make sure you have a nice crusty loaf of bread on hand and don’t forget an extra bottle of wine!

The Cassoulet serves Six. As for the Wine… I guess that’s up to you.”

From the winemaker:

The colour is purple-tinged garnet. The aromatic range of the nose goes from fresh berries (wild raspberry, blackcurrant, blackberry) to spices. The palate is big and full-flavoured, with silky-smooth tannins and aromas of the fruit already mentioned. The finish introduces touches of liquorice and pepper.”


This wine was given a 86 point rating by Wine Spectator.


2008 vintage in a 750 ml – Standard Bottle is currently in stock at Byram and Hackettstown for $15.99 a bottle, $86.35 a 1/2 case with a 10% half case discount, and $153.51 a case with a 20% full case discount. SKU#18859

About the Chef:

Andre’ de Waal is the owner of Andre’s Restaurant &Wine Boutique in Newton NJ. For more information about Andre’ and his restaurant, visit

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